Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Problem is...

Facebook postings on your wall.

Someone posted something hateful about Bob Jindal (sic), attributing a statement to him, which I was sure he did not say. So, I investigate, and sure enough, he never said any such thing. The statement was made bay the author of an article with an unfavorable opinion of him. It followed the full text of his remarks. The next paragraph began with, "To translate...", which I thought unusual as Bob's statements were in English and clearly understandable. So I posted a link, and my objections to such odious behavior, in a calm, disciplined, and academic manner.

The reply from the liberal friend was, "OK, I read the entire statement. He's still an asshat!"

I found myself unable to reply to such a cogent argument, and realizing I was not intellectually capable of following that logic, I unfriended the person to spare them the embarrassment of any association with someone as dim as me.

The next day, I posted a comment to someones political post. He responded by blocking my comment, sending the angry message; "NOT ON MY POST".

Well, having a friend on Facebook means your posts end up on my wall. I think that makes them fair game for comment from me. If you disagree, then that's fine, but if you think I should not comment, then you really do not value free speech. If you do not value free speech, I do not want you as a Facebook friend, or a real world friend either.

So I suspect my friend list will be getting a lot sparse