Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Overall Direction...

The decision to begin this adventure came about after checking up on some friends via Facebook. Facebook being probably either: a) a terrible waste of what could be productive time, or b) the greatest advancement in social networking in all of human history. I am more inclined to the later, basing that opinion on the number of requests I receive to play Candy Crush, a skill and reputation sure to win friends and influence future employers and clients. (TICH) I simply thought that by starting a blog, I could shortcut the process of reply, comment, and like on all the important things that my circle of friends post on their walls ("Share if you like air", "Like and re-post in 20 seconds and you will receive a wildebeest by mail", etc.)  and which by nature of the friend relationship end up on mine. So, I make a blog, link it on my page and be done with it. Ya wanna know what JScarr thinks, read on...

I was also perhaps vaingloriously hoping to make astute and insightful commentaries on issues and events, as if any one cares what my opinion may be. I settled first on titling the blog, "The Problem Is...", and  then selecting a topic to illustrate. It seemed the perfect endeavor to engage in writing to an audience, some thing I have missed doing, except in academic settings, for a number of years. After several drafts of various topics, I realized that the scope was too narrow.

So, be it known to all present, that there is a change in editorial policy as of this date. The posts on JScarrSez shall be in following these categories:

"The Problem Is..." - events and instances that, to this writer, are not sound in logic or reasoning, containing some fallacy,  faulty perception, spin, or statement of facts which are not sound. Expect rants against bias in these posts.

"The Question  Is..." - analysis of why things are what they are. These may be risible and philosophical in tone and mood. Readers can expect these posts to raise some eyebrows, because I will ask some hard questions. Essay answers only, please.

"This Just Ain't Right..." - my musings on events, politics, etc. that do not make sense to even me. There will be some very strange facts cited in these posts, but you cannot make up stuff such as what will appear under this heading.

"Show 'Em Some Love!..." - Expect to find commentary on things that reinforce belief in the essential goodness of humankind, the benevolence of God, and the great courage and persistence of the human spirit.

I write on this blog as part of my morning, and limit it to about thirty minutes a day. There will always be several topics in the pipeline, and one will be posted every Wednesday morning, for those of you waiting anxiously. I will always be somewhat tongue in cheek about things. I will always attempt a seriousness of discourse. I will always be honest in that it is my thought, opinion, and personal perspective.

So, all hail to Dave Barry and Charles Krauthammer, Hope you enjoy...